Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Yarn Along

Are you tired of seeing my shawl yet?  This has been slow going.  It requires concentration that is difficult to achieve with a two year old at home.  I work on it mostly at nap time when I don't have something else I have to do (housework? what's that?!)  I have started the decreases and can't wait to wear it. 

I'm still reading Chinatown Beat by Henry Chang. It's a very dark story full of snippets of Chinese and glimpses into Chinese-American culture. 

I'm a short-attention-span knitter.  I always have at least two projects going and sometimes four or five!  My current diversion is Malabrigo March, a month dedicated to knitting projects from soft, yummy Malabrigo yarn.  I am working on a cardigan (Pole) from Malabrigo Rios, a washable wool that has a really nice drape.  The pattern calls for using different sized needles for different parts of the sweater so I ended up making five swatches to make sure I had the right sized needles for each part.  You'll see more of this in the future.  Here are my swatches: 


Andria said...

I never swatch. Does that make me a bad knitter?

Special K said...

I rarely swatch, but this is my first cardigan not knit from the top down and I really want it to fit.