Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fifteen things we've learned about our son

Here are some things we've learned about our son (in no particular order):

  1. He can be a total clown - goofing and playing.

  2. He's a huge flirt. I caught him blowing kisses to a little girl at breakfast this morning.

  3. The boy LOVES chocolate.

  4. He knows the meaning of the word "no," but hates to hear it!

  5. For Molly: his first word in English was "no."

  6. Every time we come into the hotel room he wants to strip down and jump in the tub. He'd take three or four baths a day.

  7. He's a boy on-the-go. Have stroller will travel.

  8. He hates, hates, hates bed time.

  9. He wants to be potty trained. He is aware of when he needs to go with enough lead time to get him to the potty. Diapers are OK for bedtime only.

  10. He will try anything he sees daddy doing.

  11. He's very smart. He likes to figure out how things work.

  12. Putting toys away properly is an essential part of play.

  13. He's good at sharing - he's given his cold to each of us.

  14. He pointed at the picture of him and Lainey on the computer and said, "Lainey!"

  15. When he rolls his eyes and smiles, he's completely irresistable.


toni said...

sigh! he sounds absolutely adorable. in 30 years when i allow my girls to date i think i might have a beautiful sassy girl to fix him up with;-)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

What a honey he is...

Diane said...

Well 2 clowns in one house; that is going to be very active. Sounds like things are falling some what into place, before you know it you will have a routine. Cannot wait to visit.