Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Legend of the Red Thread

There's a legend that says we are joined to those we will meet by a red thread. I don't know if it's actually an old Chinese legend, but it is a mantra in the adoption community. Adoptive parents feel that there is a bond between them and the child they will eventually adopt that will never break and will eventually bring them together.

The Red Thread was the the theme for last week's First Friday meeting. Three families, including the Eric & Heather shared their red thread stories. The first family held the end of a skein of yarn and handed it to the next family. As others in the room were mentioned, the skein traveled around and the red thread wove back and forth around the room, creating a visible reminder of the lives intertwined around this adoption journey. The skein ended up on our laps and the group prayed for our upcoming trip. I'm amazed at the journey we've taken and how it's led us to our son.

For pictures of this cool event, be sure to visit Michael & Amy.

I'm thankful for the thread that connects us to family and friends, some of whom we almost never see. But we know that the thread will never break, and that connection is sure. Many of you reading this blog are part of our Red Thread Story. We'd never be where we are if not for you all. Thank you and God bless!!!

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