Saturday, August 23, 2008


What a blessing to spend time with family. Our recent vacation gave Micah time to really get to know Mama's family. We wish we lived closer so that we could visit more often. But this Army life has lead us to Hotlanta for now. Here are some precious pictures of Micah and his family.

LaoLao and LaoYe were exceedingly patient with Micah's myriad requests for walks, wagon rides and playing outside. LaoYe made sure that Micah got ice cream almost every day.
Uncle Kurt is a sweet lovable guy and Micah had a blast hanging with him. "Hey, that picture would look good on my blog."
LaoLao was meant to be a grandmother. It's clear in her face that she loves our little guy. (I think he loves her back!)
LaoYe is a fun-loving grandfather. I think he was a little tired by the time we left.LaoLao and LaoYe watched Micah for an evening so that Mama and Baba could have a date. Mama and Baba got to have dinner by themselves for the first time since traveling to China. Don't they look relaxed and happy?

Only a grandmother could hug you after you picked all the ripe tomatoes off her plant (and one green one!) We've discovered that Micah loves cherry tomatoes. "Bob Tomato, eat 'em!"


Beverly said...

there is nothing better than grandparents!! What great memories you all are creating.

FHL said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I love the picture of Micah snuggling with his Grandma, so sweet!