Friday, August 01, 2008

Kids' Day at John Ball Zoo

We took advantage of $1 admission for Kids' Day at John Ball Zoo. We stopped for a picture with John Ball. I have memories of crawling all over this statue when I was a child and it was neat to be able to bring my child back to the same place.
Upon entering, we encountered a costumed character of SuperWhy! Micah just loved SuperWhy so we had to follow him. Of course when we finally caught up with him, the reality of a life-sized SuperWhy was a little overwhelming. This is me and Micah having our picture taken with SuperWhy (note the back of SuperWhy's head in the background). This was the closest we could get for a picture without Micah burying his head in Mama's neck.
We enjoyed petting the pygmy goats in the petting zoo.
It was HOT!!!!! Micah spent some time running through a pipe that sprayed water. The kids enjoyed getting cool in the mist.

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