Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Hooray for family vacation. We spent the last couple of weeks visiting family and friends in Michigan. I will be trying to catch up on blogging all of the news from this trip. And there was lots of it. We had many first-time experiences and visits with friends, old and new.

We took an airplane to Grand Rapids. We were a little nervous since Micah hadn't flown since that long, painful flight home from China. Not to worry. We had been reading the Airplanes book we got from the library and talking about our plane ride to see Lao Lao and Lao Ye. Micah was excited for the trip and even sat, buckled into his own seat. He was pretty well behaved through the two hour trip there, except for sending his truck back into the lap of the gentleman sleeping behind him. Oops!

The trip back to Atlanta was fine also. The hardest part was leaving the grandparents who had been his constant playmates for the past 11 days.


Jen & Bill said...

I have been wondering what you guys have been up to. Love the fish photos!

amy said...

welcome home!

FHL said...

My hubby was born and raised in Livonia...hence his obsession with the Red Wings :o)