Sunday, August 03, 2008

Uncle Kurt

My brother, Kurt has been a huge support throughout our adoption journey. Kurt's was one of Micah's favorite pictures in the photo album we sent to China. When he met Kurt he was initially a little afraid, so we got our his old photo album. When he got to the page with Kurt's picture, he looked at the picture, looked a Kurt, looked at the picture again and broke into a huge grin as is to say, "hey, it's that guy!!!! I like that guy!" From that point forward, there was nothing but love for Uncle Kurt.

It was a kick watching my brother with his new nephew. Here's a video taken of the two of them. It was a whoopsie video. We thought we were taking a still shot, but the camera was set to video. It's a little all over the place as we try to figure out why it didn't take a still picture, but it really captured Kurt playing with Micah. Enjoy!

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