Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

We were up bright and early for Micah's first day of preschool We had done our homework in preparation for little guy's first separation from family. He has been attending Sunday School in the same classroom as where he will attend preschool. We went to Orientation and Meet the Teacher days last week to get comfortable with the concept of school. Today he was very excited to get ready for school and chose his Thomas Train shirt - "Full Steam Ahead" it says. That describes Micah to a T.

He wanted to take the golf cart to school. On the way to school we talked about how Mama would drop him off and pick him up after he had music (his teachers had shared his schedule so we knew what to tell him.) He was quite concerned that Mama wasn't going to go to school too. When I walked him to the door, he ran right into the building until he realized I wasn't coming too. Then he turned around and tried to run back to me. The teachers were leading (read nearly dragging) him back into the building. Mama rushed off before Micah could see the tears in her eyes.
I went around to the other entrance and found my ways to the Tissues and Tears room. That's where parents who are having a hard time letting go can hang out, sniffle a little and wait for their children. I wanted to be nearby in case he had a meltdown. His teacher stopped by about 15 minutes later and told me that once settled in, Micah was doing wonderfully. I peeked in his classroom window and saw him playing on the floor.

He joined right into his class. On another peek, I saw him sitting at the table eating his snack. I caught sight of him once as the class trekked down the hall to music and movement. I stayed out of his sight, but was able to see him enjoying the music and rhythm instruments.

At the end of the day, I walked back around to the main door to pick him up. Business as usual. He was excited to tell Mama about his day. He showed me his stamps and stickers and talked about music.

On the way home, he kept patting my leg and saying, "Mama." When I said, "what?" he replied, "Micah's Mama." I think he was happy to see that at the end of the day he went home with the same Mama who dropped him off. I wonder if he flashed back to that day not-so-long-ago in China when his foster mother dropped him off at the orphanage and he went home with his new Mama and Baba.

Here is my guy after his first day of preschool. I think he's going to be just fine.


amy said...

why do you make me cry? beautiful. So proud of all of you!

Katie said...

Good job to both Micah and Mama on the first day of preschool! Thanks for sharing all the details. It really brought it all to life! What a sweet happy boy he looks like in all his pictures!!

The Hindsman's said...

Very Sweet!

Beverly said...

hard to imagine what the little guy was thinking.

teri said...


I know it is so hard to let go!! They always fair better than Mom! Micah looks so cute ready for school. I get to do the same thing next week as Brianna starts preschool.

Thinking of you TEri

The Straight's said...

So glad to hear he did so well. Shelby is doing GREAT this year. Last year though-not so much ;)

He is one handsome guy!

FHL said...

Oh that is a big day! I bawled my eyes out too the first day I dropped J off at preschool. The fact that your school actually has a tissue and tear room is just perfect :o)

BTW, How great that you can drive him to preschool in a golf cart! I bet he loves it!

Donna said...

Glad that first day went well, and that YOU survived it :)

Kevin and Violet said...

Congratulations to you both on your first day of school!

Kevin and Violet

Steph said...

Great job, Micah! You're so brave!...and great job to you too, mom. Ian's first day was SO hard for me...and almost as hard was seeing how easily he took to it (part of me secretly wanted him to be LOST without me). Get ready tho- you'll get sick more often now than ever in your life! I ignored those warnings, but boy is it true! Little germ factories, those preschools! :-) Congrats on a great first day!