Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So much of our focus is on Noah and his eventual transition to our family. But we can't forget that Micah's world is changing in huge ways! A few weeks ago we rearranged the furniture in Micah's room to make room for another bed. We've filled a few drawers in the dresser with clothes for Noah. Micah has moved out of his booster seat at the table and onto a big-boy chair. The minivan now sports two car seats.

Micah has embraced most of these changes with his usual enthusiasm for life and whatever it brings him.  I love that boy!  We pray for him as he makes the transition from only child to big brother.
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Tara Anderson said...

I will join you in praying for Micah as he makes the transition to "big brother". It sounds like his heart is already being softened, though! Praise God!!!

FHL said...

Our big guy had a really hard time at first, but each day they are growing closer and closer. It's precious to watch....they'll do great. Be prepared for it to take a while and then happily surprised if it doesn't.

Doesn't driving around with that second car seat just make you smile! Soon!!!