Friday, September 24, 2010

Touring and shopping in Guangzhou

Yesterday, we got to take a half day tour of some of the sights of Guangzhou.  We visited the Six Banyan Trees Temple.  We got to meet a real monk and he took a liking to Micah.  I mean a real liking.  He touched him, pulled his ear and held his wrists and talked to him in Chinese.  Micah was trying to be polite, but I think he was pretty freaked out! 

We toured the historic Chen house and went to the Guangzhou arts and crafts.  Micah was more impressed with the grocery across the street where he scored some sour skittles and potato chips.  Mama got her precious "Zero Coca" (Coke Zero).  Ah, the real thing! 

And last night, another taste of home - Papa John's Pizza.  Yum!  Noah likes pizza too! 

Today we went shopping for pearls, jade and toys with Ann from Red Thread China.  If you are looking for a personal shopping assistant in Guangzhou, I can't say enough good things about Ann.  She helped us to find just what we were looking for at a good price.  Mama got a pearl solitaire necklace and Baba got a jade necklace.  Micah got a cool place and Noah got a toy phone (so maybe he'll leave the hotel phone alone!)  We got some great gifts to bring home, too. 

Tonight we are going to the Cow and Bridge Thai restaurant.  I've heard good things about that one. 


Katie said...

Your blog has been making me smile every morning! :) I love the Cow and Bridge Thai restaurant, too! :)

Donna said...

shoot...last comment gotten eaten up in cyberspace??

Looks like you're having a grand time! So, you'd recommend Ann? We didn't use her last time, but want to this time. And, weren't you with us at Cow and Bridge last time? It's GOOD.

Psst...we were cabled today!