Sunday, September 05, 2010


We have our final itinerary and booked our international tickets.  I can't believe we leave for China one week from today.  There is so much to do this week.  My life is reduced to lists.  Our 4 page packing list.   A list of things to do before we leave.  A list of what to buy while we're there.  A list of things that must be done when we get home.  But we are over the moon with excitement to go get Noah. 

Here's our rough itinerary:

9/12 Leave ATL
9/13 Arrive Beijing mid-afternoon
9/14 Tour Beijing - climb Great Wall of China
9/15 Fly to Zhengzhou (in Noah's province of Henan)
9/16 Get Noah
9/21 Fly to Guangzhou
9/22-24 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
9/27 Consulate Appointment
9/28 Oath Ceremony at Consulate
9/29 Receive Noah's Visa
9/30 Fly to ATL via Beijing and Chicago


redmaryjanes said...

We hope that you have a wonderful trip. You will be in our prayers!

Katie said...

So excited for you all! :)

Karen said...

I'll be watching!! Congrats on TA.

Heather said...

OH YAY!!! How wonderful!! There was a Holiday Inn Express next door to us (we stayed in--I think it was called The Crown Point Royal or Crown Royal International--something like that) in Zhengzhou. Anyway--the H.I. Express had a restaurant on the 1st floor with awesome noodles and really good food. Not expensive either. If you like walking through town the WalMart is really walking distance (if you don't buy tons and have to carry it back to the hotel). I remember seeing BUSES and cars ride up on the sidewalk to get through traffic while we were sitting in traffic on our tour bus. It was amazing!! And this is a big, busy city with people walking on the sidewalk!! Awesome experience! So excited for you and can't wait to follow along. Good Luck with those lists!!! Miss you!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara Anderson said...

Oh, how exciting!!!! I'm about to start crying just looking at your itinerary! I can't believe you're SO close to holding that boy in your arms! I hope I'm only a couple of months behind you, but I will be living vicariously through your trip! :)