Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shaolin Temple

Yesterday we toured the Shaolin Temple.  It was a long bus ride, but it was really need to visit the home of Kung Fu.  The temple is an active monastery with a Kung Fu Academy.  We had lunch there.  We then toured the Pagoda Forrest and the Temple itself.  The we watched a Kung Fu show in a room with no air conditioning..  Micah loved it.  It was a very sweaty day, but a very neat experience. 

Noah is eating more and more table food.  He's only taking formula in the morning.  We weren't able to get the same kind that he had in the orphanage, so that could be it or it could just be that he's preferring real food. 

Noah is strongly preferring Mama at this point, though he will go to Baba as well.  The Ergo has been priceless as he doesn't want to be more than 6 inches from one of us at any time. 

Evenings seem to be a rough time for our little guy.  He seems sad and his huge eyes just brim with tears.  He likes to be sung to sleep and mostly sleeps through the night.  We're not sure what to do with a child who's a good sleeper!!!

Micah is doing an awesome job as the big brother.  He really tries to play with Noah and shows him toys and tries to share trains and trucks.  Noah wants nothing to do with him most of the time.  He will slap at Micah and yesterday threw a train at Micah's head.  Micah just takes it in stride, though you can see it hurt him physically and emotionally.  I am so proud of my big boy.

Today we go to visit Noah's orphanage.  This could be a hard day for our little one.  Say a prayer if you think of it. 


janeway10 said...

Prayers on the way! Tell Micah we are so proud of him for being such a good brother. Libby is still doing well. My parents just stopped by with their dog and my SIL's dog - 5 dogs and 1 cat in a house. Whew! Libby loved the entertainment. Right now she is loving her rawhid bone.
Love, Tam, Jeff, Alex, Anna, Libby, Andie, Miley, and Jazmin.

Shanna said...

The pagoda forest photos are so amazing! Micah looks so happy. I can't wait for him to tell us about his trip to China. He is doing such a great job at being a big brother! With everything else in takes a little time to figure it all out!!
Praying for you all~
Big hugs!!

Karen said...

What a beautiful place. Did you ride that camel? lol. Love the pic of Micah stuffing his mouth. Noah seems to be adjusting really well, and momma seems happy too.

Julie said...

It looks like you have a good travel group too! We are so glad to hear the updates. It's so many changes for Noah but he seems to be doing okay and that is good to see. What a beautiful family you are!

Tammy Dycus said...

Congratulations on being a family of 4! Noah is precious...his eyes just draw you in. And Micah is trying so hard to be a good big brother. Bless his heart. Noah will come around, and see that having a big brother is good! Best of Luck.