Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clinic Visit

Hague. Hate it!  The US regulations governing Hague adoptions require that Noah be up-to-date on his immunizations before he can come to the US.  With Micah we only had to file an affidavit saying we would immunize him when we got home. 

So yesterday was our clinic appointment.  Noah went through his three clinic stations like a champ.  Then came the last station, immunizations.  Noah needed eight immunizations, plus an oral polio vaccine.  I had to hold him on my lap while he got two injections in each arm and each leg.  Noah was crying, Mama was crying, Micah was upset, Baba was trying to comfort all of us.  All in all, a harrowing experience.  I have to say it was the worst day since we got here.  But, we dosed Noah with Tylenol and he ended up giggling and smiling while we waited to be sure that he didn't have a reaction.  He's a little trooper. 

I'm attaching a couple of pictures from our trip to the Cow and Bridge.  To answer Donna, we didn't go last time because I was so sick with a sinus infection.  It was my first experience with Thai food, but what I had was good. 

Noah continues to warm to us and is sweet and happy. He comes readily to either of us, though he still prefers Mama when in distress or hungry.  He will play with toys and prefers things that move or make noise.  At his clinic appointment he was 25.6 pounds and 32 inches tall.  He's a solid little chunk. 


The Straight's said...

Hate to hear that he had to get all those shots-yuck! Won't be long now and you will be home sweet home. Enjoy the last days in GZ :)

Tara Anderson said...

My heart cringes just thinking about those immunizations! Poor little guy...

Donna said...

I hate to think of these kids going through these unnecessary shots, I'm glad your clinic day is over!
Hey, in our latest update about Dylan, his weight was pretty much exactly the same as Noah's, and his height is just a little taller at 33.4 inches. What size fits Noah? We're trying to guess on that :)
You're on the downside of your trip, I'm sure you're already thinking of home :)

Julie said...

Oh how horrible! That makes my stomach hurt. Poor Noah.

Katie said...

Poor guy. I'm glad you all made it through ok!!!