Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We've made it to Guangzhou. Part Chinatown and part Key West, just getting here feel like we're halfway home.  Noah continues to adjust to his new role in our family.  He is a happy baby except when he is tired or hungry.  There's still a lot of baby in him.  We visited the Swan room (the playroom) at the hotel.  He is finally opening up and playing.  He's kinda a bully and not good at sharing.  Those are probably behaviors that served him well in the orphanage.  

Last night was moon festival.  We saw families light lanterns and launch them toward the moon.  The sidewalks were packed with people, yet it was quiet and serene. 

Today we are touring the city and visiting a temple and the Chen House. 


Tara Anderson said...

Wow, Guangzhou already! I know it probably doesn't seem like it to you...but from my vantage point your trip seems to be flying by! Love seeing those brothers together! You are a very blessed woman, indeed!

Julie said...

How did he handle the trip to Guangzhou? I'm so excited that you will be bringing him home soon. And what terrific news that he has already had his palate repaired! Do you know if it was LWB? They do work in Kaifeng.

Karen said...

What a beautiful boy when he smiles!!! We had lotus seed moon cakes tonight, and made wishes to the moon. Cady wished for Melody's safety, and also for herself to become a dog. Oh well. lol
I bet being a bully was a great survival technique in the SWI. Might have to get him into a participation group when you get home. We put Cady in MyGym (parent participation group for tots and gymnastics). It helped with motor skills, as well as group participation. She was used to big groups of kids, but not used to anything organized!
Great to see the updates!!

Shanna said...

Oh, how wonderful GZ feels! I know you are so happy to be there! Have fun shopping....and shopping, and shopping... haha!
Can't wait for yall to get home!

Katie said...

Yay for Guangzhou! :) I love the pics! :)